More and more discerning customers demand food which caters to their specific dietary requirements.
There is a surge in search for restaurants that cater to each of these customer groups with menus that
have options for those who need a keto diet, zero oil diet, vegan diet, diabetic friendly options and more.

The Fitterfly Restaurant platform can be used to create and store the nutrition facts of different Recipes
in your restaurant Menu. This is a completely Web based platform, which makes it easy for you to access
from anywhere.

Food Database

Comprehensive and in-depth database with ingredients used in Arab, Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisine.

Micro Nutrients

In addition to calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats, you can calculate the nutritive value of each item for 30 Micronutrients.

Add/Edit New items

You have the option to add and edit menu categories and items in each category at any time.

Web based Access

Acesss and generate the nutrition value from anywhere

Setup Time

The platform is Web based. You don’t need to download or install any new app or tool, just login using any Web browser and start using the platform.

Online & Print Options

print or Publish online the Nutrition value of food

Assistance from
our Nutrition Team

You have the option to upgrade the plan to improve the nutritive value of your existing recipes by consulting our expert nutritionist.

Healthy Food

increase sales by catering to the needs of the Health Conscious


Anyone with basic email and Web browsing skills can start using this platform in just an hour.

You can login and start using the platform from anywhere and generate labels in real time.

All your recipes can be stored with detailed information on ingredients right
down to precise measures in grams and household measure like teaspoons.

Publishing mandatory information like calories and other nutrition data is a click away with this platform.

The recipes stored online can be downloaded at any time during the plan.The data is exported to Excel sheets and available as a .csv file.


Your annual subscription is active for 12 months after which you have an option to renew up to a year to continue storing the recipe data. If not renewed within a year, the recipe data will be discarded.

Contact us for the pricing of advanced services including Nutritionist for Healthy Recipes and Special Menu Labelling.

*Offer valid until October 31st 2020
Annual Subscription

200 USD

Annual Subscription

1 Year software subscription


What is the Fitterfly Restaurant Platform?

The Restaurant Platform is a Web based software for designing restaurant menus with detailed nutrition facts about each item or recipe on the menu. To build a menu from scratch, you can create separate Menu categories such as Appetizers, Main Course, Beverages, Desserts or Sugar free desserts, Gluten Free Mains etc. Under each category you can add any item and within each item you can enter the ingredients used in the recipe. The platform will calculate the nutritional values of the ingredients and help you generate a Food Nutrition Label for each recipe.

How does it help chefs?
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What happens to the recipes stored after the plan is discontinued?
How is my recipe data protected?
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